Parent & Caregiver Workshop:
Coping with Back to School
in a Pandemic

Host the conversation every parent and caregiver needs right now to get through pandemic 2.0.

A guided discussion by author and children's mental health advocate about how to cope and help your children during back-to-school season this fall



This workshop is ideal for:

  • Parent Associations

  • Schools

  • Libraries

  • Community Organizations

  • Anyone who wants to better understand how they can help support kids' mental well-being

It's back to school season, and once again parents and caregivers are stuck with mounting concerns as coronavirus cases continue to escalate across the country.


Along with all the regular excitement and jitters surrounding this season, this year we're also faced with unprecedented levels of stress from living in survival mode for the past 18 months, the particularly virulent Delta variant and the deep uncertainties that lie ahead.


Join Jacqui Lazo, a devoted children's mental health advocate and co-author of the new wellness resource book Comeback Kids, for a discussion on how parents can care for themselves while also supporting their children as we learn to manage our heightened anxiety during the latest wave.

Participants will learn:

  • actionable strategies for calming caregivers' fears and managing their anxiety;

  • best practices and conversation starters to help parents support their kids during this transition;

  • warning signs to be on the lookout for when it comes to kids and mental health concerns; and

  • a roadmap for how families can collaborate to build a brighter future going forward





Jacqui will also provide the tools and resources caregivers need to help their kids at any age stay healthy, happy and focused on learning.

In an effort to inform, engage and inspire families in your community, we encourage participants to share what's working for them and ask questions as a way to more deeply connect with neighbors and friends.

After this discussion, the parents in your community will feel more well prepared to parent and create a sustainable, positive family dynamic for a brighter future.

Couple with Kids